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is a web designer with a passion for parties, decor, and desserts.

Autumn Decorating Round-Up - Floral & Candles

Autumn Decorating Ideas

Autumn will be here, officially, in less than a week. It seems like everyone is already jumping on the Autumn train – and yes, I’ve already had a pumpkin spice…

Sacramento Antique faire

Life Lately + The Sacramento Antique Faire

This weekend, I received a little reminder, in the form of a painted quote for sale at the Sacramento Antique Faire: Wherever you are, be all there. —Jim Elliot It’s…

“Ahoy it’s a Boy” Preppy Nautical Baby Shower

Get Your Party On: Nautical Baby Shower

Ahoy, there! This yellow and blue party is knot your typical baby shower! I love how the party stylist went with a blue and yellow color scheme, instead of the…

Copper Home Decor Accessories Round-Up

Fall Copper Trend – Home Decor Round-Up

Move over gold! This Fall’s metallic color trend has a reddish hue – it’s copper! Copper pairs well with both silver and gold and can add warmth and drama to…

Casa De Party Instagrams

Life Lately, Decorating + More Local Favorites

Casa de Party is coming along, slowly but surely. There are parts of our house that aren’t my “style” but I’m noticing how a little color and a few knick-knacks…

Nacho Libre Luchador Party

Get Your Party On: Nacho Libre Luchador Party

Okay, I admit it. I may have seen the Nacho Libre movie a few ahem…dozen times. I can’t help it, the movie is just so bad that its good! So…